Getting Started with SelectFew

Getting Started with SelectFew

Hey there! If you're looking to potentially get started with a flexible, transparent marketing program by SelectFew, you've come to the right place.

Next Steps:

  1. So that we can match you with the right fit for your strategist, please click here and fill out a quick Strategist Matching Form (have as many team leaders as you'd like fill it out!)
  2. After your match form is received, the SelectFew team will send through a program outline with a strategist match for you to review. Your strategist match is valid for four business days from the date it's received, so that we can match that strategist with other clients if you don't plan to move forward with them.
  3. If you'd like to meet your strategist match and bounce ideas around/discuss their background, that's absolutely fine! Just let us know and we'll get a call set up asap.
  4. Once you're aligned with your strategist choice, getting started is as easy as signing the standard month-to-month service agreement, and setting a date for your kick-off call!
  5. We'll run through client onboarding including tools that we'll use to manage your program, an access checklist, and stakeholder interviews on your kick-off call, and we'll be off the races πŸ‘Ÿ As former founders ourselves, we value speed-to-impact and don't plan on spending weeks to get access, put thoughts together, or any of that nonsense. We're here to get to work and will dive in as soon as we get started.
  6. Your SelectFew marketing program will officially be underway! 🚘

You're in Good Company, Big and Small:

β€œOur strategist and SelectFew have been amazing partners for our business. He jumped right in to meet the team, spending time with me to understand our challenges, and quickly teaming up with me to address these. I have been impressed by how quickly he got us set up with everything from analytics to getting us the right team for our needs. They have gone above and beyond expectations, this level of collaboration and communication is working great for us so far, and the numbers show it. What they are building is a great concept - it's an ideal level of support for startups like ours vs. agencies. And it's much more in line with how we like to work - close collaboration, no barriers, direct communication, getting right into the work, etc. Excited to continue our work together!” -Amanda D'Ambra, SVP of Marketing at Brightline Health, backed by Threshold & Google Ventures
β€œThe concept is really simple and smart. They're like a bunch of agencies and freelancers dressed up in a trench coat. But actually, you get paired with an account-manager-on-steroids who acts something like a part-time CMO and can help you with paid spend, creative production, emails, SMS, organic social, influencers, you name it.They hire from their rolodex and manage the relationship, and you just pay a flat fee for the manager + whatever costs the other contractors or agencies bill. It's genius. And Zack is a former founder and agency guy so his connections and strategy have been hugely helpful. We'll be a client for a long time.” -Andrew Goble, Founder of Jambys, 450% YoY Rapid-Growth D2C

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